The cheerful Scandinavian Design

What is it?

By definition, Scandinavian design is a minimalist functional design characterised by its simplicity and use of light natural colours. The design allows for ample natural light wherever possible.

Although this design originated in the Nordic countries, it has gained popularity all over the world because of the sleek modern look it imparts to a space.

The white walls in this living area make the space bright and the Scandinavian design inspired furniture and decor with their simple clean lines, geometric patterns and natural colours make it look understated yet elegant.

Using wood instead of or in combination with metal (or plastic in some cases) makes one feel closer to nature. Wooden accents like the wood slats in the ceiling, and the greens bring the outdoors inside.

Neutral colours like grey go well with natural wood as shown in this cozy living area.1-master-bedroom

1-drawing-roomMonochrome wall art is paired with high contrast cushions in the above living room. A designer who is well versed in Scandinavian design will design and select furniture not just for its beauty or to fill up the space but for its practicality and functionality.