Simple and Classy with a Modern twist

 A Classic Modern design strikes a balance between your different styles – classical and minimalist, or modern with simple. However, it is not a design done willy nilly. The beauty of interior design is such that there’s no one “right” or “wrong”. That said this should be done by designers who know their colors and materials well. Here’s how 5Genies innovated and renovated for Rahul and Vineeta.

A Classical Modern design is not about following fashion trends but creating what works. It is about bringing in beauty with orderliness and predictability to a space. Colors play a major role in this. Here the shades in furniture, textiles and finishing materials are calm, and neutral, making the overall interior atmosphere soothing. Modern color schemes like white, beige, bronze are incorporated in a subtle manner.

The interior is such that every detail is carefully chosen and is in harmony with others. The style is made more attractive by strategically positioned lighting and adorning the space with classic accessories and wall accents. The result – a classically elegant home!