Easy New Year home improvements

Sometimes even the best designs can get monotonous.  So, if you are thinking of a new look for your home in the New Year, don’t let the thought of expense or hassle hold you back. A few simple inexpensive changes can make it look like you just gave your home a complete makeover.  And it makes you the ‘pro’ interiors stylist your friends and family admire!

Give your walls a fresh look without the tedious wallpaper

  • Small mirrors grouped together as wall art.
  • Removable wall decals come in great themes and are easy to apply and remove.
  • Have lots of family photos or mementos stored away? Simply rearranging and swapping pictures and decor items can give a space a new look.
  • A room is made up of four walls or is it really? A fifth wall – ceiling is often forgotten. Repainting the ceiling can transform the ambience of your space.
  • Have a big collection of books? Rotate the display.

ashtray book cushion decoration

Dress your furniture

  • Refresh the linens. Think tablecloths, table runners, bed linens (sheets, quilts, pillow cases etc.), throws, blankets, towels.
  • Fabrics come in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns and add an element of style to your furniture. Mix and match colors and neutrals, or use patterns – geometric, floral, polka dots, stripes etc.
  • Add cushions, or change cushion covers. If you feel up to it, go glitzy – use metallic tones. For instance, one could select gold, silver, copper tones for cushions, photo frames, lamp base, or simply start with gold painted magnet letters on fridge. Even mismatched cushions, grouped up with confidence add style without involving much expense.
  • Consider benches if you are thinking about discarding old chairs. Upholstered benches are comfortable and most come with storage (and when do we not appreciate extra storage).
  • Just changing something as small as salt & pepper shakers can make the dining table interesting.

Easy DIYs

  • Change the lampshade and give your lamp a fresh look. You could go with metallic tones and buy a new lampshade or try a DIY lampshade project.
  • Painting the pendant lights gives them a new look and is more cost effective than changing the entire fixture(s).
  • We all have unused containers at home. Put them to good use by decorating them for display, storage or as planters.
  • Have several rugs in different areas of the house? Rotate rugs or go for a larger one instead of many smaller ones.
  • They might not seem the most obvious choice but toys can work great for decor. For instance, building blocks go well with modern designs. A pen holder with Lego blocks, stacked blocks in rainbow colors, displaying vehicles – cars, trucks, trains etc. are just a few examples to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Self made mood boards in kitchen or study are sure to uplift your spirits whenever you walk in. You could add inspiring pictures, quotes, your own shots, travel pictures, children’s art to name a few.

Experiment! If you don’t try you will never know! Have a Happy New Year!