Designed by a professional?

Whether we live in a rented studio or a sprawling mansion, we always have the desire to add our personal style to our space. We even add a personal touch to our workplace zones so that the desk or office is “more me” than a mere piece of furniture. Design and decor is much more than just looks – it adds soul to a structure and impacts our everyday life. A practical aesthetic design has a great positive effect on our state of mind and makes us more efficient.

Behind every well designed space is the design and planning of a good interior designer. However, the role of an interior designer is sometimes not fully understood and appreciated.

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So, let’s see why a good interior design professional is important for your space?

  • Consider this – you are a new homeowner and admire some design elements at your friends place. You want to incorporate these into your own space. But, your lifestyle could be completely different from your friend and those elements may not work functionally and/or aesthetically for you.
  • Interior design is not just about decor, but also about functional aspects like space management, choice of fabrics (influenced by factors like children or pets at home). Not everyone is an expert in this aspect. Even decor can start looking cluttered if not well thought of.
  • Color schemes and combinations – it is scientifically proven that color affects mood. A single color could be monotonous while (well done) bold designs could play with multiple colors and still leave you awed. Should you select a single color scheme with different shades of the same color? How many shades of this color should you have – two, three? You get the picture.
  • Magazines and design websites are full of inspirations. So you start creating an inspiration board and realize it’s getting overwhelming too soon. It takes a specialist to be able to string together all the design and decor elements and make a space fabulous and functional.
  • The 3D provided by an interior designer is a photorealistic rendering that will show you how your selected choices will look like in your space. This minimizes the element of surprise.

Some may argue that an interior designer is expensive but it is far more expensive to redo even a wall after completion of a project. Not to mention finding yourself unsatisfied with the results when it’s time to move in. A professional is an expert in segregating your wants from your needs and can give you the optimal user experience for your home.