Clutter free home by 5Genies

Everyone loves an organized, clutter free space. It saves time and energy, is easy on the eyes, adds an element of predictability and makes us happier especially after a tiring day and YET… it is not easy. In fact, at times we may wonder if we can really live clutter free!

A first step towards decluttering your life starts with a well designed home with a designated place for all your belongings. Here are some design elements we have used to create beautiful, easy to maintain homes with lots of storage.

Handleless drawers and cabinets

EOS 6D_0070 (1)

These look chic and are easy to maintain. No worries about dust or stains lingering around drawer or kitchen cabinet handles! This design imparts a simplified and continuous flow to any kitchen. Handless design is not limited to kitchen cabinets though. A handsome shoe rack in this cozy living area stores 20 pairs of shoes, and has space for everyday items and decor.


Glass backsplash

EOS 6D_0070 (1) (1)

Without any grout joints, a glass sheet backsplash in the kitchen makes cleanups super easy. It can be painted in the color of your choice and adds style and a customized look to any ordinary kitchen. An added bonus – it serves as a message board for shopping lists, recipes, or for children of the house to create artwork!

Dining area


While pendant lamps add a dash of color, the handleless console is versatile that serves to add extra storage and provide a surface area for decorative accents. The tree shaped bookshelf doubles as a door that smoothly slides open to reveal a large storage area.

Floor to ceiling storage

EOS 6D_0049

A small room like this guest room can really benefit from this type of storage. The sliding doors use space in the most optimal way and and do not hinder traffic flow in a small room.

Floating wall mounted storage


They improve the effectiveness of any space and when cleverly done, the drawers might even go unnoticed! Wall mounted vanities in bathrooms make cleaning easy while making your bathroom look bigger.

Home office niche


Sometimes a productive home working environment is not just a trend to follow but a requirement. A little creativity and we carved out room for a fully functional workspace in this master bedroom. A nook for printer and shelves above for books and office supplies, complete with a height adjustable desk makes this small work area fully functional.

From blogs on internet to complete books devoted to the subject, information is plentiful about home organization and maintenance. However, it takes an expert to plan and execute down to the minutest detail. For example, a small piece of furniture like a center table in living room with a shelf under keeps the surface free of mess like remote, newspaper, books, what have you and at the same time doesn’t overpower the area.

The result: Easy to live in and interesting home!